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Spring 2018

Course Description
Antitrust law refers to a handful of statutes that collectively regulate business competition. As a general matter, these laws prohibit restraints of trade, acts of monopolization, and mergers or acquisitions that threaten to reduce competition. These concepts are unfamiliar to most law students, but every business lawyer must be at least generally conversant with them. Antitrust awareness has become increasingly important in the last ten to fifteen years. One reason is that criminal penalties, including incarceration, have escalated dramatically. Another is that multi-national companies must now reckon with a more aggressive view of competition law enforcement in Europe. A third reason is that a hi-tech world must increasingly rely on Intellectual Property protections that seem, at least facially, in conflict with antitrust law. Finally, it is now recognized that antitrust poses a significant threat to professional sports leagues. This course will explore the core concepts of antitrust in depth, and will at least introduce some of the more advanced concepts.

Course Schedule
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01-16-2018 - 04-25-2018   TR  2:00 PM-3:20 PM A110

Course Frequency
This course is usually offered once every academic year

Course Information

Credits: 3
Pass/Fail Option: Yes
Prerequisite: There are no pre-requisites to taking this course.
Grading: Graded
Method of Evaluation: Final Exam and class participation.
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course:
Special Attributes: None
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s):
Business & Taxation - Specialized
Government & Regulation - Related
Litigation - Related
Bar Subject(s): None
The Business of Innovation, Law and Technology: BILT (Concentration)   More information
Course Book(s): TBD/None      
First Class Assignment(s): TBD/None



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