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Spring 2018

Course Description
Human activity is responsible for many harmful impacts on the natural environment and human health. That has led to a widespread recognition that we need effective treaties, laws and regulations to protect the environment. Yet there is also concern that some environmental regulations may excessively burden the economy without providing much benefit.
This course deals with the basic domestic environmental issues from both a policy and a legal perspective. The major federal pollution control statutes are covered, including air pollution, water pollution, drinking water quality, hazardous waste disposal, cleanup of contaminated sites, and regulation of pesticides and other toxic substances. Other statues, such as those dealing with protection of habitat and endangered species will be investigated. Environmental litigation problems, constitutional issues, and environmental impact analysis will also be considered.
Please note: Global climate change and international environmental protection will be touched on, but neither will be a primary focus of this course. The reason is that the school offers separate courses on those two vital topic areas.

Course Schedule
Dates Day Time Room
01-16-2018 - 04-25-2018   MW  11:00 AM-12:20 PM E265

Course Frequency
This course is usually offered once every other year

Course Information

Credits: 3
Pass/Fail Option: Yes
Method of Evaluation: Final Exam, Class participation
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course: None
Special Attributes: None
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s):
Business & Taxation - Related
Environment & Natural Resources - Basic
Government & Regulation - Specialized
Real Property - Specialized
Social Justice - Related
Bar Subject(s): None
The Business of Innovation, Law and Technology: BILT (Concentration)   More information
Social Justice & Public Interest (Area of Focus)   More information
Social Justice & Public Interest (Concentration)   More information
Course Book(s): TBD/None      
First Class Assignment(s): TBD/None



Contact Information:
Phone: (305)284-4815
Office: G466