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Spring 2019

Course Description

Course Schedule
Dates Day Time Room
01-17-2019 - 04-23-2019   R  9:00 AM-10:50 AM F402

Course Frequency

Course Information

Credits: 2
Pass/Fail Option: No
Grading: Graded
Method of Evaluation:
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course: None
Special Attributes: None
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s): None
Bar Subject(s): None
Concentration(s): None
Course Book(s):
Textbook Required:
  • Textbook Name: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Columbia Law Review Ass'n et al. eds.
    Publisher: Harvard Law Review Association
    Edition: 20th ed. 2015
    ISBN: 9780692400197
  • Textbook Name: Understanding and Mastering the Bluebook
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Barris
    Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
    Edition: 3d ed. 2015
    ISBN: 9781611637748
  • Textbook Name: The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Recommended
    Author: Bryan Garner
    Publisher: West Academic Publishing
    Edition: 4
    ISBN: 9781642421002
  • Textbook Name:
    Textbook Type: E-book
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Donahoe
    Publisher: Georgetown Law Library
First Class Assignment(s):
  • Assignment: Read: Syllabus and Assignment Schedule, including footnotes and hyperlinked information (available on LexisNexis web course) Read: Donahoe, Introduction to, Legal Research & Writing, Transferability, Transferability Attorney Testimonial Videos (3 videos total), Motions, Motion Formal Requirements, Motion Memorandum of Points and Authorities, and Annotated Motion Memo Sample Introduction to | Read: All of the Motion for Summary Judgment Assignment Materials (available on LexisNexis web course in folder of the same name); and (2) the legal authorities referenced in the MSJ Assignment Instructions – students will be required to independently research and print the assigned legal authority. (Available on LexisNexis web course - See Professor Email dated January 4, 2019, at 4:21 p.m.) Watch: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Workplace; Fundamentals of Online Searching (Links available via Email - See Professor Email dated January 4, 2019, at 4:21 p.m.) Pre-Class Writing Assignment: After reading the assignment materials, draft 1 to 2 questions that you have about the assignment and submit them via LexisNexis Discussion Board “LComm II Assignment Questions” no less than 12-hours before class. Some questions will be addressed during class. (Available on LexisNexis web course)

    Material: - Lexis Nexis web course - available via below link

    TWEN/Blackboard/Course Webpage Link: