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Summer 2020

Course Description
Students will enroll in Externship I if pursuing their first externship field placement. Students will enroll in Externship II if pursuing their second-externship field placement.

Externship I (Law896AS) = 3 credits
Externship I (Law896BS) = 2 credits

Externship II (Law 897AS) = 3 credits
Externship II (Law 897AS) = 2 credits

The University of Miami School of Law Externship Program ("Externship Program") is a JD academic class that provides second-year (2L) and third-year (3L) students, in good academic standing, an opportunity to gain practical legal experience by working with local, national, and international corporations (in-house legal department or general counsel's office), government agencies, public interest organizations or the judiciary for academic credit. Students gain legal experience by working under the supervision of lawyers, which is supplemented and enhanced by a classroom component. Law firms, of any size, do not qualify to serve as externship field placements.

The Externship Program has two components: (1) the required work hours at the approved externship field placement, and (2) successful completion of classroom-based skills lectures, academic research modules and assignments. The works hours and classroom component must be completed concurrently. The Externship Program is an elective course that is graded pass/fail and meets a skills graduation requirement.

As a result of COVID-19, students will have the option to pursue an externship for two or three academic credits. (Typically, the Externship Program is a 3 credit course and no other credit variation is available).

To earn 2 credits, a student must work a minimum of 90 field work hours. To earn 3 credits, a student must work a minimum of 135 field work hours. Regardless of the credit amount, the classroom component attached to this program will remain the same.

The first day of the spring 2020 semester is May 18th and the last day is August 7th. Students' externships should conclude by August 7, 2020. The law school doesn't dictate a specific start date or weekly work schedule. We leave all scheduling decisions to the student and supervising attorney to make to ensure the externship work schedule is mutually beneficial and effective.

Students must secure and be registered for the Externship Program (which is triggered with the submission of a complete Student-Agency Agreement) on or before May 25th, the law school's drop deadline for the summer 2020 semester. The Summer2020 Student-Agency Agreement is available through the Career Development Office ( and will be made available on the Externship Program Website. This Agreement outlines the externship responsibilities for all parties involved: law school, student and externship field placement. Please note that this Agreement has been updated to account for COVID-19's impact on the program.

To move forward with enrollment for the Summer 2020 Externship Program, the student and your supervising attorney must first complete the Summer 2020 Student-Agency Agreement and return same to the CDO for further handling on or before May 25th. It is the CDO's receipt of a complete Student-Agency Agreement that triggers enrollment in this class (i.e. the receipt of the Agreement allows the CDO to verify the offer and acceptance of an approved externship field placement).

After the CDO receives and processes a complete Summer 2020 Student-Agency Agreement, the CDO will provide the student with an e-mail containing formal enrollment instructions, including a permission code, that will allow you to complete your registration via CaneLink. There is no class size limit for this course, so as long as this Agreement is submitted prior to or on May 25, 2020, you will be able to register.

Course Schedule

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Course Information

Credits: 3
Pass/Fail Option: Yes
Grading: Mandatory Pass/Fail
Method of Evaluation:
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Special Attributes:
Distance Learning
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Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s): None
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Concentration(s): None
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Contact Information:
Phone: (305)284-8827
Office: E258