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Summer 2020

Course Description
The Project: The coronavirus pandemic has caused mass joblessness and a crisis in workplace safety and health. LSSC and ABB are working with coalitions across the country to assist local officials and advocates working on local policy reforms to help address workers' and their broader communities' needs. Law students will assist LSSC and ABB in these efforts.

Areas of work will include:

Researching and drafting legal memos on questions related to home rule and local government, including analysis of local authority to enact policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak;

Assisting with drafting state and local legislation and supporting materials;

Drafting fact sheets, talking points, and other materials to support advocates around the country organizing to defeat preemption and protect home rule;

Tracking preemptive legislation; and

Participating in regular strategy and operations communications (optional).

About LSSC and ABB:
The Local Solutions Support Center (LSSC) works across the country to reframe and respond to the misuse of state interference in local policy making in order to promote economic, social, and health equity. To meet that goal, LSSC deploys nonpartisan strategies and tactics to educate the public and policymakers about local policymaking authority and the abuse of state preemption (when states prohibit local regulations around a particular issue area). LSSC also works to repeal existing preemptive laws that stifle local innovation and prevent communities from addressing systemic inequities, support local officials and governments against attacks from the state or federal legislatures, and, where appropriate, proactively affirm and strengthen home rule. Recently, LSSC has increasingly been helping advocates and local decisionmakers understand the contours of local power in this COVID-19 era. LSSC is proud to support ABB’s Defending Local Democracy Project, this Local Democracy Term-Time Fellowship, and other legal partners and experts working to address the abuse of state preemption.

ABB is a national legal advocacy organization that is a leader in the movement to reshape laws and policies to fit the needs of today’s workforce. ABB’s mission is to promote equality and expand choices for workers at all income levels so they may care for their families without sacrificing their economic security. ABB works on the national, state, and local levels and employs a wide range of strategies—legislative advocacy, litigation, direct services, grassroots organizing, research and public education—to promote flexible workplace policies, end discrimination against caregivers, affirm the rights of LGBTQ workers, and support family caregiving. A Better Balance also works on the front lines with advocates and elected officials across the country, using the power of the law to defend progressive local policies against state and federal preemption.

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