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Fall 2020

Course Description
This course introduces students to the ethical requirements of the practice of law in The United States based on the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Utilizing a problem-oriented casebook, the course covers the responsibilities of lawyers and their relationships with clients, the legal profession, the courts, and the public. Particular emphasis is placed on the lawyer's fiduciary duties of client control, communication, competence, confidentiality, and conflict of interest resolution.

Course Schedule
Dates Day Time Room
08-17-2020 - 11-17-2020   M  6:20 PM-8:00 PM DL

Course Frequency
This course is usually offered every semester

Course Information

Credits: 3
Pass/Fail Option: No
Grading: Graded
Method of Evaluation: Final Exam
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course:
Professional Responsibility
Special Attributes:
Distance Learning
Course Delivery:
Online (all synchronous)
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s): None
Bar Subject(s):
Concentration(s): None
Course Book(s):
Textbook Required:
  • Textbook Name: Model Rules of Professional Conduct
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Publisher: American Bar Association
    Edition: 2020 Edition
    ISBN: 978-1641056502
  • Textbook Name: Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach
    Textbook Type: Hardcover
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Knake Jefferson, Pearce, Green, Joy, Kim, Murphy, Terry & Brown Jr.
    Publisher: West Academic
    Edition: 4th Edition
    ISBN: 978-1642422856
First Class Assignment(s):
  • Assignment: Please read the Preamble, Scope and Definitions sections of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 2020.

    The following are the required books: (1) Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Publisher: American Bar Association, 2020 edition, ISBN: 978-1641056502 and (2) Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach, Author: Jefferson, Pearce, Green, Joy, Kim, Murphy, Terry & Brown Jr., Publisher: West Academic, 4th ed., ISBN: 978-1642422856.

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    Additional Information:
    Attached is class Syllabus, which is also posted on TWEN. Please be sure to register for TWEN course page. Thank you.

    Professional Responsibility Fall 2020 Syllabus.pdf



Contact Information:
Phone: (305)284-3870
Office: A312