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Fall 2020

Course Description
This seminar examines mediation theory and practice from the perspective of the Florida mediator. A variety of simulations, exercises and role-plays will be employed, along with readings, to encourage a critical assessment of mediation concepts and practices. Mediation skills will be taught and practiced. Topics to be covered include history of mediation, ethical issues in mediation, how to remain neutral, bringing parties to agreement, dealing with power imbalances and the lawyer's role in the mediation process. Each student will participate in exercises at various stages of the mediation process. Class attendance is mandatory and participation will be considered in computing the student's grade. Missing three classes will result in a one-grade drop or failure of the class, at the instructor's prerogative.

Course Schedule
Dates Day Time Room
08-17-2020 - 11-17-2020   W  12:10 PM-1:00 PM DL
08-17-2020 - 11-17-2020   W  4:10 PM-5:50 PM DL

Course Frequency
This course is usually offered every semester

Course Information

Credits: 2
Pass/Fail Option: Yes
Grading: Graded
Method of Evaluation: The final grade shall be as follows: 60% for the Final mock mediation conducted by each individual and 40% for the written paper based upon observation of an actual mediation. However, participation in class exercises will be considered in computing the student's final grade in the event of borderline students.
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course:
Skills Requirement
Special Attributes: None
Course Delivery:
Online (all synchronous)
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s):
Litigation - Specialized
Bar Subject(s):
Litigation & Dispute Resolution (Concentration)   More information
Social Justice & Public Interest (Area of Focus)   More information
Social Justice & Public Interest (Concentration)   More information
Course Book(s):
Textbook Required:
  • Textbook Name: Advanced Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Practice: A Realistic Integrated Approach
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Paul J. Zwier and Thomas F. Guernsey
    Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
    Edition: Second Edition
    ISBN: 9781601564795
First Class Assignment(s): TBD/None



Contact Information:
Phone: 305-470-5826