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Fall 2021

Course Description

Course Schedule
Dates Day Time Room
08-23-2021 - 12-01-2021   MW  11:00 AM-12:15 PM E352

Course Frequency
This course is usually offered once every academic year

Course Information

Credits: 3
Pass/Fail Option: No
Grading: Graded
Method of Evaluation:
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course:
Special Attributes: None
Course Delivery:
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s): None
Bar Subject(s): None
Concentration(s): None
Course Book(s):
Textbook Required:
  • Textbook Name: The Theory and Craft of American Law
    Textbook Type: Hardcover
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Soia Mentschikoff, Irwin P. Stotzky
    Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
    Edition: 1981
    ISBN: 978-0820562803
  • Textbook Name: Gorgias
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Plato
    Publisher: Penguin Classics
    Edition: 2004
    ISBN: 9780140449044
  • Textbook Name: The Bramble Bush - The Classic Lectures on the Law & Law School
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Karl N. Llewellyn
    Publisher: Oxford University Press
    Edition: 2008
    ISBN: 9780195368451
  • Textbook Name: An Introduction to Legal Reasoning
    Textbook Type: Paperback
    Requirement: Required
    Author: Edward H. Levi
    Publisher: University of Chicago Press
    Edition: 2nd
    ISBN: 9780226089720

Additional Materials:
Recommended (but not required) Readings: Llewellyn & Hoebel, The Cheyenne Way; Maitland, The Forms of Action at Common Law; Stotzky, Silencing The Guns in Haiti: The Promise of Deliberative Democracy; and Stotzky, Law As Justice: The Moral Imperative of Owen Fiss's Scholarship; Stotzky, Send Them Back.  
First Class Assignment(s):
  • Assignment: For the first day of classes, please read the following: 1) Plato, Gorgias 2) Peter Singer, What Should a Billionaire Give---What Should You?, N.Y. Times Mag. at 58 (Dec. 17, 2006). An online version of Gorgias can be found at this link: A copy of the Singer article is attached.

    * Soia Mentschikoff & Irwin P. Stotzky, The Theory and Craft of American Law (1981);

    * Plato, Gorgias

    * Karl Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush

    * Edward H. Levi, An Introduction to Legal Reasoning

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    Additional Information:
    The syllabus and all additional information can be found on the course website,

    what should a billionaire give.pdf



Contact Information:
Phone: (305)284-5899
Office: G380