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Fall 2013

Course Description
This intensive practical workshop will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the rules and procedures of the WTO dispute settlement system and help students develop their litigation skills. The course will be structured around a series of lectures and a simulation exercise covering all phases of WTO dispute settlement proceedings, in particular: consultations, request for establishment of a panel, panel proceedings, appellate proceedings, adoption of panel and Appellate Body reports, and surveillance of implementation. The course will also address the remedies available in case of non-implementation, such as compensation and suspension of concessions and other obligations. The simulation exercise will reproduce a real WTO dispute. Students will be divided into groups and will play the role of complainant, respondent, and WTO panel during each of the phases of the dispute settlement proceedings. Groups will rotate so that each student will have the opportunity of playing each of these roles during the simulation exercise. The simulation will address the basic principles of WTO law, such as non-discrimination provisions, import restrictions, border measures, internal taxation and regulation, health and environment exceptions, and regional trade agreements. The course will be taught over the course of two weeks. Top performing students in the class may be recommended for a four-month internship at the Appellate Body Secretariat of the World Trade Organization.

Short Course Attendance Policy
Due to the small number of meetings, attendance to all meetings/classes for short courses is mandatory. Students who miss more than one class session (80 minute) of a 1-credit short course are subject to administrative withdrawal and will have a W for the course on their transcripts.

Course Schedule
Offering Dates: 09-30-2013 - 11-02-2013  

Dates Day Time Room
09-30-2013 - 10-02-2013   MTW  12:30 PM-1:50 PM F200
11-07-2013 - 11-07-2013   R  12:30 PM-1:50 PM F200
11-08-2013 - 11-08-2013   F  2:00 PM-5:00 PM F200
11-09-2013 - 11-09-2013   S  10:00 AM-1:00 PM F200

Course Frequency
This course is likely a one time offering

Course Information

Credits: 1
Pass/Fail Option: Yes
Prerequisite: International Economic Law recommended
Grading: Graded
Method of Evaluation: Grading of the submissions in the simulation exercise
Graduation Requirements Fulfilled By Course: None
Special Attributes:
One Time Offering
Short Course
Special Restrictions:
Law Track(s):
International & Comparative Law - Specialized
Bar Subject(s): None
Concentration(s): None
Course Book(s): TBD/None      
First Class Assignment(s): TBD/None



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